sabato 8 dicembre 2012

DeVil or AnGeL?

°Style 1
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Skin: NEW!!!GIFT Maria skin Poudre
Hair: NEW!!! Quintessa hair cat Hinako
Outfit: Complete outfit,boots included NS::
Complements: Cookie jar and tongue GIFT for winter fire event Tentacio
Pose: Label Motion
°Style 2
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Skin: Dana 50% discounted Poudre
Hair: Gift Hinako
Dress: GIFT dress !gO!
Leggins: Tentacio
Shoes: Unisex shoes colorable Blackburns
Collar: MiWardrobe
Pose: Psycho

martedì 4 dicembre 2012

°Outfit 1
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Hair: 99 elephants
Skin & eyes: New!!! for Winter fire event *JeSyLiLo*
Dress: Minidress for Sif event ZD Shine creations
Leggins: Dollarbie MDL
Boots: Blackburns
Jewelry: New collar more colors  for Winter fire event MiWardrobe..earrings gift
Bangles& Tattoo: MiWardrobe store!!!
Bag: Clutch LoQ
Pose: Label motion
°Outfit 2
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Hair: Gift Exile
Skin: New oneway capture for Winter fire event Modish
Jacket fur: not available :( sorry
Top: BodySuit black Maitreya
Skirt: NEW!!! Lowrise mesh skirt RED MINT
Shoes: Pixel fashion
Bangles: gift A.M.K.R
Tattoo: MiWardrobe
Bag: Clutch *COCO*


martedì 27 novembre 2012

°Outfit 1
Skin: NEW!!! Laurette Deesses
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Hair: Namie Limited for Singer icon fire Hinako
Sweater: Bobushka Wunderland
Jeans: LM not available :( sorry
Vest: TokiD
Hat&Mittens: New for XY room Tentacio
Clutch: Lolita Book clutch MiWardrobe
Boots: Wellinghton colorable Blackburns
°Outfit 2
Skin: Crank RED MINT
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Hair: NEW!!! Mia hair YHS
Sweater: Knitted sweater Wunderlend
Scarf: Mon tissu
Gloves: New for XY room .::NN::.
Ring: Vintage ring MiWardrobe
Socks: SMS
Bag: *Tea Time*
Boots: Wellinghton colorable Blackburns

sabato 24 novembre 2012

°Outfit 1
Hair: Quintessa hair gift group Limited time offer
 The group price cut pay money
 250L$ →100L$ Hinako
Skin: Kerly Poudre
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Eyes: Cateyes Yellow *JeSyLiLo*
Cape: Brown cape BCC
Sweater: NEW!!!Tentacio
Boots: event The dressing room Milk Motion
Bag: event The dressing room Glow
Bracelet: MiWardrobe
Pose: Label motion
°Outfit 2
Hair: Gift Rosy Mood
Skin: Nodoubt for Singer Fire event Modish
Eyes: Cateyes brown *JeSyLiLo*
Shape: *Lady Killer*
Cape: Pasar
Dress: NEW!!!Coco Dress for Black weekand C'est La vie
Bag: event the dressing room Glow
Jeans: Leel
Shoes: Monso
Pose: Label motion

giovedì 22 novembre 2012

°Outfit 1
Shape: Yoko *Lady Killer*
Skin: Mother goose's
Hair: Magika
Dress: Cartoon dress *Tea Time*
Socks: gift  Emery
Shoes: Pixelfashion
Bangles/Necklace: Le primitif
Bag: Butterfly clutch *Tea Time*
Pose: Label motion
°Outfit 2
Shape: Yoko *Lady Killer*
Skin/eyes:  tsg
Hair: Burley
Dress: Tunic May's Soul
Shoes: NEW!!! boots Reila
Bag: Toki-D
Jewels: MiWardrobe
Hair flowers: Catwa
Pose: Label Motion

martedì 20 novembre 2012

°Outfit 1
Skin: NEW!!! Jennifer skin Deesses
Eyes: NEW!!!Crystaleyes brown *JeSyLiLo*
Hair: Curio
Sweater: Ladies loose sweater ..::NN::..
Leggins: Zebra Pink Acid
Scarf: MiWardrobe
Boots: Peace boots green  *Tentacio*
Bag: Messenger bag green  *Tentacio*
°Outfit 2
Skin&Eyes: NEW!!! Jomna skin *JeSyLiLo*/
Hair: HS hair land not available :(
Scarf: Izzie's
Sweater: *RA*Creations
Socks: (SmS)
Boots: Peace boots brown *Tentacio*
Bag: Messenger bag blue  *Tentacio*

venerdì 16 novembre 2012

°Outfit 1
Shape: Irene *Tea Time*
Skin: Sandy POUDRE
Hair: Plum YHS
Dress: NEW!!!Soon Mia
Jacket: NEW!!!!Go!
Socks: Gift The secret store
Legwarmers: (SP)
Shoes: Skifija
Collar: NEW!!! MiWardrobe
Bag: Clutch LUSE
Pose: Gift Tram
°Outfit 2
Shape: Irene *Tea Time*
Skin: Tsg
Hair: Gift hair Tram
Mantle: Cowls winter *Tea Time*
Sweater: NV
Skirt: *Tea Time*
Leggins: Gift GATO
Bag: DDL
Bangles: NEW!!! MiWardrobe
Shoes: *LpD*
Socks: Gift Y&R
Pose: Model poses